Specialty: Community Paediatrics

Areas of Interest: Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Psychosocial Paediatrics, Developmental Paediatrics (Learning Issues, Autism, FASD, Developmental Delays), Behavioural Paediatrics, Children in the Care of Social Services, and Adolescents

Language: English



I have been receiving a massive number of emails!

Please note that these are the types of Emails that I just cannot respond to:


. Any email that requires more than 2-3 mins to respond to. Please resend your email but make it short.

. Anything relating to a complex mental health issue. If your issue is urgent, please go to The Summit.

. Any issues that your Family Physician can/should manage.

. Anything other than what you were referred to me for.

. If you saw me over one year ago (emails don't ceeount), you will need a referral from your Family Physician.

. Any email with many questions or over 2-3 sentences.

. If you are not already a patient of mine (if not, please seek a referral from your Family Physician).

. If this is about a form/application … please complete the form in full (even the doctor’s part). It makes it much easier for me to review and sign.

. Provide your child's Date of Birth to track down the file.

. I will not respond on weekends or holidays.



As of July 1, 2024, my practice has become Fully Virtual. I am confident that myself & my staff are able to manage patients & their problems virtually in a safe, efficient & convenient manner.


My office abides by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Standards of Practice regarding Virtual Medicine. The goal is to be 100% Virtual but I will have office space available for patients who really need to be seen In Person.



Our office is no longer taking phone calls


We ask that you send a VERY BRIEF Email (to drgoldade@gmail.com). The email must be LESS than a TWEET (or X) i.e., 2-3 sentences. Identify your child's full name and date of birth. Note that if you send us a LARGE or LONG email with lots of commentary and/or questions, it may well take many days (maybe even weeks or maybe never) for a reply.  This email service is really an attempt to help parents/patients with quick issues that may well not require an actual visit. Check that our email address (drgoldade@gmail.com) is not going into your JUNK or SPAM folder.

  When contacting the office, please please be brief and concise. And always ... be Kind!

And we will get back to you in the order the email was received.



Please do not be LATE for your Virtual appointment. Logging in late is incredibly disruptive to the office flow. We ask that you log onto your Virtual Visit 5 mins BEFORE your appointment time. If you think you will not be able to make it for your scheduled appointment time, please email (drgoldade@gmail.com) or text (403-620-4204) and we'll switch to a phone call or a virtual visit. Other reasons for struggles to log on:

  . Check your Spam/Trash folder if you can't find the LINK to the Virtual Visit. It will come directly from TELUS.

  . Before the Virtual Visit, please check that your browser supports the Telus Link.

  . Ensure your camera and microphone are working.


*** The Office is Closed on the following dates. Please refrain from sending any emails during these times as no one will respond:

**** For my daughter's wedding: Fri Jul19 noon - Mon Aug12 8am
Thurs Aug 29 4pm-Mon Sep 9 8am

Dr. Goldade's Hours

Monday         9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Tuesday         9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Wednesday    9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Thursday        9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Friday             9:00 - 12 Noon


Weekends     Closed

Holidays        Closed


* Please note, the office may sometimes close unannounced. Always email to ensure that we are open.