Community Paediatrics

Areas of Interest

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosocial Paediatrics, Developmental Paediatrics (Learning Issues, Autism, FASD), Behavioural Paediatrics, Children in the Care of Social Services, and Adolescents





Note that I will be AWAY from the office (on a much needed break) from Friday July 31 until Monday August 17, 2020. I am going to try and really be AWAY and may not check emails or answer the phone. For urgent matters, please call my office (403-253-2288) and speak with Richard, my MOA and he'll help sort things out. If it's an emergency, call Health Link at 811 or go the ER.



The VIRTUAL OFFICE is OPEN during the COVID-19 Pandemic / But I'm going to OPEN for In PERSON Visits (for certain types of appointments).


A) I am offering Virtual Visits! Please PHONE the office (403-253-2288), Press 2 for Dr. Goldade's line and leave a message for Richard. He will then get back to you as soon as he can to book a Virtual Appointment. 

I am willing to converse with you about your child during your booked Virtual appointment time.

And it would be VERY nice to see you and your child on camera if possible.

If this is your choice, here are your options:
  a) A simple telephone call (no camera). A phone call is considered SECURE. And we would need to know your preferred phone number. Dr. Goldade would be calling you.
  b) THIS IS MY PREFERENCE: I would like to invite you to a SECURE Virtual Visit from my Electronic Medical Record (Telus Health). You will get a Email from Telus Health about 48 hours before the visit. Keep the email open and then on the DATE/TIME of the appointment, simply click to JOIN button. All you need is a camera and a microphone (and your phone will do). Please be sure to show up at your allotted time. And please obtain a Height and Weight on your child prior to the Virtual Visit.
  c) ZOOM with Camera. Please provide me with your preferred email address and I will invite you to a SECURE Zoom meeting.
If none of the above options work, we can reschedule to another date/time in the future. Call back to the office in a few weeks and we'll see where the dust has settled. Call 403-253-2288, Press 2 and leave a message for Richard. He'll get back to you as soon as he can.
Please recognize that FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Google, WhatsApp and Skype are NOT Secure and hence, I would prefer to NOT converse through them.
You may also wish to complete the "Consent to Insecure Electronic Communication" which is at the bottom of the Home Page on my website www.drgoldade.com if you wish to converse via insecure Gmail/Email about your child. Please put your child's info onto the form, sign, witness and return to the office.





The World Health Organization has classified COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) as a pandemic. Accordingly, if you or your child are exhibiting any cold/flu symptoms PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE CLINIC.  We ask those with symptoms to notify us by telephone or email, STAY HOME and direct their medical questions to HealthLink (dial 811). 


Please wash or sanitize your hands at every opportunity.




****** If you've been invited for an IN PERSON Visit, upon entering the office, do NOT go to the front desk. Instead, we ask that you remove any soiled shoes, remove your coat (if you wish) and go DIRECTLY in Room 6 (first door on your left) or Room 5 (second door on your left).


Some additional notes:

  a) Due to COVID-19, for those appointments taking place in the clinic (in person), only 1 caregiver with the patient is permitted and everyone will be required to put on a mask and sanitize their hands upon entering. Upon entering the clinic, there will be masks placed for the caregiver and patient to put on and sanitizer for your hands. Siblings and friends are NOT allowed.

  b) If you have an appointment booked and anyone in your household is experiencing any symptoms of illness, you must let us know and NOT coming into the office. If you need to reach us, please leave a message. Voicemails with be returned within 24 hours. We can make other arrangements to visit including a Virtual Visit.

  c) If you need to book a follow up appointment, I ask that you do this over the phone after you leave. Do not go to the front desk to do this.


We also ask that you get a Height and Weight on your prior to coming into the Clinic as we will not be getting Heights/Weights on children in order to minimize exposure to infections



Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, everything/everyone is rather topsy turvy regarding medical services in the province. You may have left messages or expect a reply from me in a timely fashion or begging for an appointment, but given that I am the Section Chief of Community Paediatrics, there may be other / more pressing matters I will need to attend to regarding the Pandemic during the next few weeks-months.


Please please be patient, and I'll try to get to your requests as soon as I can.


When contacting me or the office, please please be brief and concise. And always ... be Kind!!




I am a Community Paediatrician who has been practicing in Calgary for over 25 years. I am passionate about children and their beautiful families. My goal is to help children & teens thrive regarding their physical and mental health.


Please note that I do not do Primary Care, which means I will only see your child for a consultation and then (perhaps) 2-3 more visits. I am not your child's regular doctor. Please refer to more information under the Office/Patient Services, and F.A.Q sections.


I do see new patients, but only by referral from a Family Physician.


I request that you please be kind and respectful to my staff. Everyone is truly doing their best to be helpful. If you are rude or swear, this will be noted in your child's file and you may well be asked to leave my practice and find another Physician.


Remember when calling into the office, please keep your questions, messages and requests brief. The phones can get really busy and it could make it hard for others to get through.


  a) I have my own dedicated Medical Office Assistant (Richard). So, when calling the office, please ask for him.

  b) I use a SECURE email service called BRIGHTSQUID. So, if you receive a message from my office about this ... be sure to enroll. There is NO COST to you. Key items to note:

     i) ********** Please keep your messages BRIEF. I am unable to read LONG emails. This service is for short, brief requests. If you send me LONG emails ... I may well have to CLOSE down this service as I will just get overwhelmed.

      ii) Please use your CHILD's Date of Birth (not your own) when signing up.

        iii) ALWAYS state your child's full name in all correspondence.



Dr. Goldade's Hours

Monday         9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Tuesday         9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Wednesday    9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Thursday        9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Friday            9:00 - 12 Noon


Weekends     Closed

Holidays        Closed


*Please note, our office may sometimes close unannounced. Please always call to ensure that we are open if you intend to pick something up or drop something off without an appointment.



In order to allow Dr. Goldade to gather information from sources such as schools, other medical clinics, etc. we ask that you print/sign and return the following Release of Information Form prior to your next visit. You can return the form by snail mail, scan/email (to drgoldade@gmail.com) or fax (403-255-9322).

Records Release Authorization.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 38.9 KB





Dr. Goldade has offered to communicate with you using INSECURE Email for the following reasons:

  - A quick way to send reports or rating scales. (Please do NOT send individual pages; multi-paged PDFs are requested).

  - QUICK questions about medications. Please do NOT send long messages as they will NOT be responded to.


At this time, you may use the following insecure email to connect with Dr. Goldade:


But know that a secure email format is also now available (and preferable - as it's SECURE!). Ask our office or Dr. Goldade about BRIGHTSQUID Secure Email.


Please keep your questions BRIEF and please respect her time.


When using this form of communication:

  - Please ALWAYS state your child's full name and Date of Birth.

  - If asking for medication, please be clear to state EXACTLY what medication and dose your child is on.

  - And please provide the name/location of your pharmacy.


If you wish to make an appointment, it is best for you to phone the office at 403-253-2288.


As well, please know that GMAIL email is an "insecure" form of communication. If you wish to communicate in this fashion, please download, print, sign, witness and return the form to our office. Once signed, you can scan/email to our office (drgoldade@gmail.com), mail it to us or fax it to us (403-255-9322).



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