Specialty: Community Paediatrics

Areas of Interest: Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Psychosocial Paediatrics, Developmental Paediatrics (Learning Issues, Autism, FASD, Developmental Delays), Behavioural Paediatrics, Children in the Care of Social Services, and Adolescents

Language: English




*** The Office is Closed on the following dates. Please refrain from sending any emails during these times as no one will respond:

Thurs May 16 at 4 pm until Mon May 27 at 8 am
Wed June 5 at 4 pm until Mon Jun 10 at 8 am



*** VIRTUAL VISITS are an Option If you wish to make your visit VIRTUAL, our office can switch any appointment into a Virtual Visit.

Please email us at drgoldade@gmail.com and we can set this up for you.



But more important, on July 1, 2024, my practice will become Fully Virtual. I am confident that myself and my staff will be able to manage patients and their problems virtually in a safe, efficient and convenient manner.


My office will abide by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Standards of Practice regarding Virtual Medicine. The goal is to be 100% Virtual but I will have office space available for patients who really need to be seen In Person.



From July 1, 2023 until Jun 30, 2024, the office is located at:

    Suite 745, 1015 – 4th Street SW Calgary Alberta T2R 1J4

      (One Block North of the Sheldon Chumir Health Centre)

     ** Allow lots of time to find parking (see suggestions below) / Parking is not free.

    Phone Number: 403-253-2352 (but we ask that you use brief email to leave messages / do not leave voice messages).

    Fax: 403-255-9322

    Email: drgoldade@gmail.com



BUS OPTIONS (that stop right in front of our building):

  #3 Sandstone / Elbow Drive

  #13 Altadore/Citadel

  #17 Renfrew/Ramsay

  #90 Bridgeland / University of Calgary

  #449 Eae Claire / Parkhill

  The LRT runs East/West along 7th Avenue


PARKING (there is no FREE parking) - Consider downloading the parking app(s):

  - Centre 10 - Indigo (Enter from the alley btw 10th & 11th Ave SW / But you will walk out and exit on 10th Ave)

  - Street Parking - ParkPlus (10 Ave & 6 St SW) - $1.75 - 2.75 per hour

  - Sheldon Chumir Centre (1213 - 4th Street) - enter on the West Side of the building; $ Hourly & Daily Parking $2.25 per half hour or portion thereof or $14.25 per 24 hours; https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/fmc/Page17556.aspx

  - Gulf Canada Square (Enter from 10th Ave between 3-4 St SW) - pay at the 9th Ave Exit but ALSO the 10th Ave (street level); Walk out and exit on 10th Ave. 

  - Impark (330 - 11 Ave SW)

  - Indigo (520 - 11 Ave SW)



Our office is no longer taking phone calls


We ask that you send a VERY BRIEF Email (to drgoldade@gmail.com). The email must be LESS than a TWEET (or X) i.e., 2-3 sentences. Identify your child's full name and date of birth. Note that if you send us a LARGE or LONG email with lots of commentary and/or questions, it may well take many days (maybe even weeks or maybe never) for a reply.  This email service is really an attempt to help parents/patients with quick issues that may well not require an actual visit. Check that our email address (drgoldade@gmail.com) is not going into your JUNK or SPAM folder.

  When contacting the office, please please be brief and concise. And always ... be Kind!

And we will get back to you in the order the email was received.



Please do not be LATE for your appointment. Showing up late is incredibly disruptive to the office flow and we ask that you come 15 mins BEFORE your appointment to check in and get demographic info and heights/weights. We have a VERY STRICT policy about appointment times, so please PLEASE do not be late. If you think you will not be able to make it for your scheduled appointment time ... please email (drgoldade@gmail.com) or text (403-620-4204) and we'll switch to a phone call or a virtual visit.

** Also, please leave enough time to find a place to park your car.



Dr. Goldade is now booking all appointments (follow ups and new consults) into October 2024.


**** Patients needing follow-up are booked to be seen usually every 6-8 months (to help keep an eye on your child's height, weight and general well being), and If they have not actually been seen (in person or Virtually) in over 12 months however, we will consider the matter resolved and close the file. Prescription refills and/or interim emails do not count as a Visit.

      If your Family Physician feels that your child still needs paediatric specialty care, they are welcome to refer your child back to Dr. Goldade at their discretion.


- If you did not book your follow up at the end of your last visit, there is a good chance you may not be able to get back in until Oct 2024 or later.

- If you haven't yet booked your followup appointment, please contact the office at your earliest convenience and we'll try to arrange something. We also manage many problems through Email.

- The office will not be calling you to organize this appointment. The onus is on you to organize the follow up visit.



Note that there may be times when we may need to be NIMBLE (snow, extreme snow, illness) and switch quickly from an in person visit to a Virtual Visit. Email drgoldade@gmail.com or text to 403-620-4204. There is lots we can do virtually, so we always hope you'll be willing to KEEP the visit even if it's virtual. And be sure that we always have your updated information (especially your phone number and email) and a Height and Weight on your child.



If you (or your child) are UNWELL, we request that you mask. Or, if you wish, we can arrange a Virtual Visit instead. Email to drgoldade@gmail.com or text to 403-620-4204.



And a little about me: I am a Community Paediatrician who has been practicing in Calgary for almost 30 years. I am passionate about children and their beautiful families. My goal is to help children & youth thrive regarding their physical and mental health.


Please note that I do not do Primary Care, which means I will only see your child for a consultation and then (perhaps) 2-3 more visits. I am not your child's regular doctor. Please refer to more information under the Office/Patient Services, and F.A.Q. sections.


I do see new patients, but only by referral from a Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner.




I request that you please be kind and respectful to my staff. Everyone is truly doing their best to be helpful. If you are rude or swear, this will be noted in your child's file and you may well be asked to leave my practice and find another Physician.


Remember when calling into the office or emailing, please keep your questions, messages and requests brief.

  • I have my own dedicated Medical Office Assistants (Richard, Anna & Fallon). 
  • I can also offer you SECURE email service through BRIGHTSQUID. So, if you receive a message from my office about this, be sure to enroll. There is NO COST to you. Key items to note:
    • Please keep your email messages BRIEF. I am unable to read long emails.
    • Please use your child's Date of Birth (not your own) when signing up.
    • Always state your child's full name in all correspondence.


Dr. Goldade's Hours

Monday         9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Tuesday         9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Wednesday    9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Thursday        9:00 - 12 & 1 - 4:30

Friday             9:00 - 12 Noon


Weekends     Closed

Holidays        Closed


* Please note, the office may sometimes close unannounced. Always email to ensure that we are open if you intend to pick something up or drop something off without an appointment.