Dear Parents, Patients and Colleagues:


On July 1, 2024, my practice will become Fully Virtual. I am confident that myself and my staff will be able to manage patients and their problems virtually in a safe, efficient and convenient manner.


My office will abide by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Standards of Practice regarding Virtual Medicine. The goal is to be 100% Virtual but I will have office space available for patients who need to be seen In Person.


Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Care:


Why is Dr. Goldade going fully virtual? Given the type of practice I have and the types of patients I interact with, I truly feel I can help manage patients and their problems via a Virtual Platform in a safe, efficient and convenient way for the patient and their families.


What is Dr. Goldade’s Goal? The hope is to be as paperless as possible. All documents and Forms will be sent/managed in a paperless fashion. This would include forms for school, letters of diagnosis, Disability Tax Credit, AISH applications. And families/patients do not have to leave the comfort of their home or school. No need to travel. No need to go downtown. No need to pay for parking. No need to take a large amount of time from work or school for a visit with the doctor.


I don’t have a computer, what do I do?  We can organize a Virtual Visit over your mobile phone. There is no App to download. Just clink on the link that we send you. We recommend that you click on the link before the visit to ensure that it works. And if that doesn’t work, we can always chat by phone.


Will I have to pay to have a Virtual Visit with Dr. Goldade? No, there is no cost to the patient for a Virtual Visit as long as you and your child have an Alberta Health Care Insurance Number and you reside in Alberta.


Can more than one person be on the Virtual Visit?  The Virtual Visit link will be sent to the one email we have on file. (Note that our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) allows for only ONE email in the email field. Any automated email correspondence goes to only one email - the one we have on file). You can share the Virtual Link with others (a second parent, the child/youth, a teacher).


Does my child have to be on the Virtual Visit?  I do like to *see* the children/youth on the call but if you want your child to stay at school and not join, that’s OK too. But I will ask you to obtain a Height and Weight on your child prior to the visit.


Can I see Dr. Goldade in person? The goal is to be 100% Virtual but I will have office space available for patients who need to be seen In Person.


What if I am vacationing in British Columbia or Mexico?  As long as you typically reside in Alberta, we can talk Virtually.


What happens to Dr. Goldade’s phone number?  The previous phone number will no longer be in service. All correspondence with my office will be via email to


I want to set up a Secure Correspondence, how do I do so?  We can send/share information via encrypted email through the Electronic Medical Record. Option B is to use a secure email service with Brightsquid (at no charge to you). Just ask and we can set this up for you.


       When using passwords within the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) (i.e., that come from the Password is:

       Your child's first name, your child’s last name, the word calgary, followed by your child’s year of birth.

       The password is all lower case with no spaces, no dots and no hyphens.

       Here is an example of password for reference: janesmithcalgary2005


Dr. Goldade have any Staff?  Anna and Fallon, Medical Office Administrators (MOA) will still be working with me after July 2024.


Is Dr. Goldade Retiring?  Not yet. I’m just changing the way I practice medicine and how I offer service to my patients and their families.


What if I do not wish to participate in Virtual Visits? I still want to see Dr. Goldade is person. Know that a lot can be accomplished via Virtual Visits. But if this is not suitable for you or your children, you may ask your Family Physician for a referral to another Paediatrician who practices fully in person.