Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How can I get my child to see a Paediatrician?

Dr. Goldade sees children on a referral only basis. They need to be referred by another physician, often your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Goldade does not see healthy children for "primary care".


2. Why is Dr. Goldade's wait time so long?

Dr. Goldade's wait-lists have grown exponentially, and we truly appreciate your frustration in sometimes being unable to see a medical professional (including Dr.Goldade) in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, there are just not enough Paediatricians in Calgary to take care of all the patients.

A personal note from Dr. Goldade: If you are as equally frustrated (as I am) regarding the lack of timely resources in Alberta ... you MUST complain to your MLA here. Complain loudly to him/her... as we are ALL working hard and are feeling exhausted. Know that I'm a parent too ... and share in your frustration. As well, check out my thoughts in the Government Advocacy section of this website.

If you feel you or your child have an emergency and cannot get in to see me, please see your Family Physician, go to a walk-in clinic or go to an Emergency Room.


3. How do I book a follow-up appointment?

You are required to book all follow-up appointments, either by stopping by the reception desk after your appointment or calling our office. Our office will not call you to book follow up appointments. Dr. Goldade usually sees children (In Person) every 6-8 months. If it's been more than 12 months since your child has seen, you will need a Referral from your Family Doctor to be seen again.


4. How do I cancel or re-book an appointment?

Please call our office to speak to the receptionist. If less than 24 hours (1 full business day) is given, you will be subject to a missed appointment fee. Please refer to the Office/Patient Services section for more information. Do not try to cancel an appointment via email. Please PHONE.


5. I'm running late, what do I do to avoid a missed appointment fee?

Please call our office as soon as possible, and the front staff can review the options with you. Most likely you will need to reschedule as our office runs VERY on time.


6. Should I come early to the appointment?

Yes! Please come 15 minutes early to each appointment so that we can check you in, and measure your child's growth, and ensure your child is ready to see the Paediatrician at the start of the appointment time. 


7. Why do I need to remove my shoes and leave my stroller in the waiting room?

Shoes and strollers can pick up a lot of dirty things from the environment. Since our patients are frequently playing on the floor, we like to keep things as clean as possible. You are welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers to the appointment. 


8. Why is the doctor late?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, most commonly because a family before you arrived late to their appointment. You can help us avoid this by ensuring you arrive early so your child is ready to see the doctor at the scheduled appointment time. 


9. Why do I have to pay for "uninsured services"?

Uninsured services are not covered by Alberta Health Care. The cost of these services are based on suggestions from the Alberta Medical Association. To review a list of uninsured services, please refer to the Office/Patient Services section.


10. Can I email forms or reports or questions to Dr. Goldade?

Recently, we have made it possible for you to email reports and forms to our office. At this time, email is considered INSECURE and if you're OK with that, you can sign/return the Consent to Use Electronic Communication Form at the bottom of the Home Page. We also have a SECURE email service (called Brightsquid). Ask Dr. Goldade or the staff about this option.


11. Can I phone Dr. Goldade?

You can BOOK a Virtual Visit with Dr. Goldade or a Telephone Call but an In Person visit is always preferred. Please call into the staff to organize this. Please remember, Dr. Goldade is in her office working from 6 am until about 6 pm (that's 12 hours per day) working on letters requested by patients, insurance forms, charts/files, prescriptions, etc. She sees patients from 9 - 12 and 1 - 4:30 and is fully fully booked about 6 months ahead.


12. Why do I need a re-referral for my child to see Dr. Goldade?

A re-referral is needed once your child's file has been closed or if it has been more than 12 months since your last In Person visit. This may happen if your child does not follow-up with their Paediatrician within the recommended time period (usually within 6-8 months) or if the Paediatrician feels no follow up is required.


13. My child has behavioural/learning problems. Will Dr. Goldade provide us with counselling?

Dr Goldade is NOT a Psychologist nor a Counselor. She is not a Psychiatrist. She does not provide Psychoeducational Assessments. She also does not provide Primary Care. She will assess your child from a MEDICAL perspective and make recommendations based on that. She considers herself to be a "coordinator/collaborator/case manager".


14. Why are there medical students or residents that see my child?

Very often, Dr. Goldade will have medical students from the University of Calgary and Residents from the Alberta Children's Hospital and the University of Calgary with her in the office. Our Paediatricians are committed to the education of our future doctors. Generally, based on the student's experience, the goal is to try and allow the student to function as the Physician (with much guidance). They usually spend time with you and your child ... gathering data (with detailed instruction from Dr. Goldade) and then they come to present their findings to Dr. Goldade and attempt a plan. Then the student and Dr. Goldade will visit with you and your child to ensure that the information gathered is correct and the plan is appropriate and safe.


15. I can't get in to see Dr. Goldade. Can I see one of the other Paediatricians in the office?

Drs. Goldade, Nieman, and Kelly do not share patients. So, no you will be unable to see another Paediatrician. For urgent matters, please see your Family Physician, go to a walk-in clinic or go to the Emergency Department.


16. What does "Paediatrician on Call" mean?

Dr. Goldade shares the "on call" duties with two other Paediatricians (Dr. Kelly and Dr. Nieman). They share the call equally and this includes helping patients/parents during the evenings (5 pm to 8 am) and the weekends. This allows each doctor to have some time to spend with their own families or attend conferences. If you are wondering WHO the Paediatrician is on call, please call our office at 403-253-2288 and the message will inform you who to phone. Be sure to have your phone turned on and ready to take the phone call from the doctor.


17. Why am I charged for a Doctor's Signature?

Any Doctor's time is very valuable. You may be asking for a simple signature but if their name is being put on the form, the doctor likely needs to read the form/letter and ensure it's accurate. Even if this takes 5 minutes, it takes time and this is considered an "uninsured service". In other words, your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan is actually not free. Another example is that a Lawyer would also likely charge you for a signature for the same service (and likely charge you quite a bit more).


18. How do I get a copy of my child's file?

You can obtain a copy of a full file by USB transfer for a fee. There is a basic $60 fee to get the process started. But there will likely be additional fees such as:

  $45 per 15 minutes for the doctor to review the file.

  $6.75 per 15 minute for technician time.

  $6 Fee for the USB stick.

  Fee to mail the USB stick.

On average, the fee is around $100.

If you wish to have a paper version of the file, this will be much more costly as it takes more time and you will be charged for the paper. And if you wish for a copy of the file prior to 2006, this will cost even more, as the paper file is in storage and will need to be retrieved.

While the actual file transfer may only take a few minutes, our office staff may be busy and not able to complete this task for several days-weeks. They will inform you when the file transfer has been completed. 

If you wish to have our office process a request for a copy of your child's chart please print, sign and return the form below along with a $60 DEPOSIT. You will be billed for the BALANCE once the request has been processed and the balance calculated.

Chart Transfer Invoice.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 51.4 KB

19. Disability Tax Credit

You may have asked Dr. Goldade to complete the Disability Tax Credit Form. I request that you go to the following URL:


Complete this form ONLINE in the Third Person (i.e., as if Dr. Goldade was writing it). Complete it as thoroughly as possible with lots of EXAMPLES of the challenges you and your child are facing.


You will then PRINT off the form and send it to my office for me to review and sign (in a BLUE pen). We will then then give the form back to you to send to Revenue Canada. The FEE for Dr. Goldade to review/sign this form is $80.


Below I've provided you with some instructions on how to complete the form (as you will be much better able to provide the examples than me).

Instructions for the DTC Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 70.3 KB

And here are some additional tips about the DTC Form from the Canadian Paediatric Society. Though it was written for the Paediatrician, it's also very helpful for the parents.

Tips for paediatricians completing the D
XML Document 498 Bytes

20.  I've been asked to pay a fee for a Letter

You can pay Dr. Goldade for a variety of fees (No Shows, A letter of diagnosis, the Disability Tax Credit, etc.) via a number of methods:

  • Cheque (payable to Dr .Goldade Professional Corporation). Ensure that the cheque states your child's name and what the cheque is for.
  • Cash
  • Via eTransfer (to

We do not accept Debit payment.