Dr. Goldade is now booking all appointments (follow ups and new consults) into October 2024.


**** Patients needing follow-up are booked to be seen usually every 6-8 months (to help keep an eye on your child's height, weight and general well being), and If they have not actually been seen (in person or Virtually) in over 12 months however, we will consider the matter resolved and close the file. Prescription refills and/or interim emails do not count as a Visit.

      If your Family Physician feels that your child still needs paediatric specialty care, they are welcome to refer your child back to Dr. Goldade at their discretion.


- If you did not book your follow up at the end of your last visit, there is a good chance you may not be able to get back in until Oct 2024 or later.

- If you haven't yet booked your followup appointment, please contact the office at your earliest convenience and we'll try to arrange something. We also manage many problems through Email.

- The office will not be calling you to organize this appointment. The onus is on you to organize the follow up visit.