Office / Patient Services

This site presents general health information and is not meant to replace a consultation with Dr. Goldade or your regular family physician.


What to Expect

In order to see Dr. Goldade, you will need a referral from your Family Doctor. Your initial appointment will be 40-60 minutes, depending on the age of your child and the reason for the visit. Your visit will then be followed by (approximately) 1-3 visits with the Dr. Goldade to solve the problem/question, and then the child will be sent back to the Family Physician for ongoing follow-up care. Please ensure you have your child's Alberta Health care card ready for reference. Until Jun 30, 2024, we ask that you show up at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to check in, and have your child's growth measured. 

*** If more than 12 months has passed since the initial visit, you will require another referral from your Family Physician to see Dr. Goldade. Emails, Rx refills & brief correspondence do not count.

Dr. Goldade does not provide Primary Care (which means, she is not your child's regular doctor). She is also not a counsellor nor a Psychiatrist.

Some children (albeit very few) require ongoing primary care by Dr. Goldade but this is usually reserved for children with complex medical needs. Even these children should maintain contact with your regular Family Physician as the Paediatrician may not always be able to see your child urgently.

  • All patients are seen by appointment only. Please refrain from "walking in" without an appointment.
  • We will contact you with positive test results only, if Dr. Goldade wishes to speak with you , or to book a follow-up appointment.
  • We do not perform suturing (stitches) nor casting at the office.
  • We not have a laboratory services on site nor Diagnostics Imaging. The closest lab is at the Sheldon Chumir Centre.

Communicating with Dr. Goldade

  • Dr. Goldade sees many children with behavioural, learning and mental health issues.
  • If your child is having a behavioural or mental health crisis, please email (to to see we might be able to fit him/her in urgently. However, given Dr. Goldade's busy schedule, this may not be possible. If so, you may wish to contact your Family Physician, you may need to take your child to the Emergency Room or you can call Access Mental Health to ask for advice (1-844-943-1500).
  • Dr. Goldade has a busy schedule and does not take phone calls. But you can send a VERY brief email to
  • You may have been asked to communicate with Dr. Goldade via This is a place to provide feedback to Dr. Goldade but she is unable to get back to you via that website. If you need something more urgent, please email the office.
  • Another way to provide information to Dr. Goldade is to do the rating scales from the website. There are a number of rating scales there (depression, anxiety, ADHD, Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs), behaviour, etc.). These scales are sent securely and directly to Dr. Goldade. Feel free to complete any Rating Scales that you feel are relevant for your child. Parents can do them, Teachers/Coaches can do them and your child.
  • You may have been asked to complete Anxiety and Depression Rating Scales. These also can be downloaded off of the web (just Google Scared Anxiety Rating Scales or the Beck's Depression Rating Scales). You can send a copy of these scales to Dr. Goldade by snail mail, fax or email.
  • We are also trying to be as paper-free as possible. It's best to send any information digitally via email ( or through secure email (Brightsquid).

Late or Missed Appointments

Dr. Goldade is very on time. So, if you are late, the appointment may have to be shorter than anticipated or possibly cancelled if you are running very late. You are encouraged to call the clinic if you are running late to review the options regarding your child's appointment. If you cannot make an appointment, we ask that you cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours (1 full business day) before your visit to avoid being charged for a missed appointment. This will also give us the opportunity to book in another child and thus make it easier to see the Paediatrician! Also, please note that if there have been two occasions where you have failed to attend without notification or cancelled an appointment without sufficient notice, you will be discharged from active treatment with your doctor and no further appointments will be made, until the outstanding payment for these missed appointments is paid.

Dr. Goldade does not double book patients. So, if you are late, it then unfairly forces all of the patients of that day to be late too.


Shoe Removal

Shoes and stroller wheels can pick up a lot of dirty things from the environment. Since our patients are frequently playing on the floor, we like to keep things as clean as possible and ask everyone that comes to our office to remove their outdoor footwear. We also ask that strollers are left in the reception area. If your child's wheelchair tires are dirty, please take the time to wipe them off in the washroom before the appointment to help keep our office clean. You are welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers to the appointment. We also shoe covers at the front door that you can slip on.

We also ask that you do not bring beverages and food into the office. These can spill onto the carpet and are very hard to clean.


Sibling Care

If possible, please try to arrange child care for your other children so we can focus our attention on the child that is coming to see the Paediatrician. If you are unable to do so, please bring something that will keep the child entertained during the appointment.



There is no free parking around the office. There are a number of parking options in the Beltline. You may wish to download some parking Apps.

  - Indigo Parking Lot one block EAST

  - Gulf Canada Square - one block EAST and one block NORTH

  - Street (pay) Parking with Impark

  - Underground parking in a lot just north (enter from the alley and exit from 10th Ave.)

  - Surface parking lot - one block NORTH and two blocks WEST.


Uninsured Services

Many services that we provide are not covered by Alberta Health Care. A fee will be charged for such items, such as completing letters, forms and other non-insured services. We charge fees at the rates suggested by the Alberta Medical Association.

* The following costs are only estimates, please contact the office for updated prices.

  • Letters for insurance companies (cost depends on size of letter and time involved). Some examples include:
    • Letters with comments after reviewing a child's file ~ $100 per 15 mins of Dr. Goldade's time
    • Certificate of Fitness for School, Camp, Sports, Work: ~ $20
    • Certificate of Fitness Plus Examination: ~$80
    • Sick Note: ~$10
    • School-Requested Report or Letter: $45 - $145
    • Handicapped Parking Form: $10 - $20
    • Income Tax Disability Form: $80
    • Insurance Report: $90 - $220
    • Driver's or Scuba Diving Exam & Report: ~$100
    • Prescription Phone-In: ~$30
    • Transfer of files (~$60 for first 20 pages then $0.25/page after that + $45 per 1/4 hour physician time to review file)
  • Missed 20 Minute Check-up: ~$120
  • Missed 20 Minute Follow-up Appt: ~$120
  • Missed 40 Minute Consultation: ~$300
  • Missed 60 Minute Consultation:~ $400
  • Warts: Not done in the office
  • AISH Forms: $200 - $600
  • Capacity/Guardianship/Trusteeship Forms: $400 - $700
  • Vaccinations/Immunizations: $50 per shot
  • Returned NSF Cheques: $25
  • Disability Tax Credit: $100

The administrative burden of practice has severely increased in the last few years. Forms are the major cause.

Hence, here is some information and recommendations on how you can help with these forms (and get them back to you as quickly as possible):


And these forms are NOT paid for by the Alberta Health Care Plan.


a) Any Form you send me (e.g., Insurance Forms, Access Calgary Transit Forms, Forms for School/University) require time to review the file and complete. It GREATLY helps me if you can complete the form in total (even the doctor’s part). You live with your child and know much more about them than I do. It then makes it so much easier for me to review and then sign. If you send me the form DIGITALLY (and all typed) up, this process will go much much faster. Think about saving ME time. If it takes me a long time, it will remain in my massive ToDo pile and I may also wind up charging you for a lot of my time.


b) There are several ways to apply for the Disability Tax Credit:

  i) On paper / Handwritten. But this is the most inefficient and doesn’t look very good to CRA. I would discourage this.

  ii) Completed Digitally / Online but completed form sent to me - And this is my preference. I’m asking YOU to fully complete the entire form (even the doctor’s part) - all 16 pages. You know your child best and can answer the questions much much better than me. Be sure to put your child’s name on top of all pages. You can get help in completing this from from some helpers in my practice (ask me for their contact info and I’ll send it to you) - for free. Then you can send it to me digitally and I’ll review and sign it for a fee of $100.

   iii) Fully Digitally and Online (where a code is sent to me from CRA) - If you choose this path, I am still going to ask you to still full compete ii) as it then gives me info/data to complete the online form. I don’t like this particular system (as it’s a lot of repeating the answers that you have given me). My preference is technique ii).


c) AISH forms are my least favourite to complete. They can take me up to 3 hours of uninterrupted time to complete. Again, it GREATLY helps me if you can complete the ENTIRE form (your child’s diagnoses, comments about effect on daily activities, medications, etc.). If you don’t do this, then it may take me FOREVER to get the form done. It’s best done digitally and all typed up. Then you would send me the digital version and I can review and sign it. Fee is anywhere between $200 - $600. If you can provide most of the data, the cost can stay low.


Note that many forms can be completed by Psychologists, but ONLY after they have gotten to KNOW your child, have done a previous assessment and they often charge much more than I do.


For more information prior to your appointment, please see the F.A.Q section